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Don't wait for your clients to refer you... Leverage your successful sales to create your own referrals

To succeed in today's competitive market you have to offer what other agents do not or cannot offer!

Our campaigns and ad designs have been designed to give you an edge over your competitors.

Our mission is to continue to innovate and supply you with competitive advantages.

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Leverage Your Seller Clients

As soon as your listings sells, it's time to let the neighborhood know that you are the agent that got it done

Use the Listing Generator to deliver digital ads to neighbors surrounding the home that you just sold

Your message to prospective sellers is simple... your advanced technology and strategies gets your Sellers more money in less time.

Tip: Immediately after the agreement is signed, pull out your smartphone and ask your clients for a video testimonial. At this time they are at are so happy with you that they will be glad to help you.

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Sold To Your Buyer

Looking to expand your market?

Leverage your raving fan Buyers to earn more listings.

After closing, install a "SOLD TO OUR BUYER" yard sign on the front lawn of your Buyers new home. Others in the neighborhood now know that you are the agent that has the buyers.

Use the Listing Generator to deliver digital ads to neighbor surrounding the home that your buyer purchased with you.

Your message to prospective sellers is simple... you have the Buyers

Expand Your Farm Areas

There are huge opportunities when you work with Buyers that have to lower their expectations, because the areas that you serve are out of their price range.

You should offer to show them affordable homes in an area that you don't serve, but the prices are in their budget.

Here's what happens...

  • You will earn referrals from these clients because you cared and served them beyond their expectations.
  • You now have the opportunity to use the Listing Generator to deliver digital ads to this "new farm" area. Let prospective Sellers know that you are the agent with the Buyers

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Predictive Farming

Reaching out to prospective Buyers and Sellers quickly when they have made a decision to purchase or sell a home is critical. You want to be productive and connect with your "ready to sell or buy now" hot leads immediately.

Use the Z Leads RealTime Audience lead generator to identify devices hyper locally that feature real estate apps. Your digital ads will be delivered to Buyers that are actively researching homes on these apps such as Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin and many more.

Leverage this program to show Sellers that should work with you because of your advanced Buyer attraction technology and strategies.

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Guaranteed Sale

A powerful message always attracts attention and results in prospects connecting with you because of your USP.

No more chasing Buyers and Sellers, they'll be reaching out to you.

Leverage both the Buyer and Seller guarantees to earn more listings.

Demonstrate to Sellers what you offer to get them more Buyers and you can also offer them the Seller guaranteed home sale program.

Use either the Listing Generator or the Real Time Audience programs to promote your guaranteed sale program.

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Superior Negotiating Skills

Any agent can sell a home but can they get the most money possible for their client?

Separate yourself from the average agents by demonstrating your superior negotiating skills and strategies to sell clients homes for the most money possible in their desired time frame.

Use either the Listing Generator or the Real Time Audience programs programs to promote your successful sales results.

Prospective Sellers hire agents who can demonstrate that they can get them more money for their home.

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